Pascal’s pig resort is a set of luxury chalets designed to keep them in the best conditions, which includes daily showers and a stroll in the woods. They live contentedly with Tabatha, a forest work-horse. Their way of life is far removed from intensive, industrial factory farming which, according to Pascal, means we only eat ‘unhappy animals’. Life is good for everyone on his hills.


The Loco-Motivés baker came to Caplongue from northern France. He mills his own flour from wheat he has watched grow. His bread and gingerbread has a taste only a wood-fired oven can give. He loves to hear his bread ‘sing’ in the early morning when he takes it out of the oven. While he’s resting, his customers write down and pay for what they have taken.


As a young mother working in a software cooperative, Hélène knows how to manage technology and tradition. Aware, like Isabelle, of the need for healthy food for the next generation, she buys the Association’s produce every week. She then creates her own recipes which she uploads to the Loco-Motivés’ blog and newsletter, the Tchaparelle (which means ‘chatting’ in Occitan, the regional language).


As a recent, enthusiastic member of the Loco-Motivés, Julie coordinates the monthly meetings and the weekly supplies. She drives the Association van every Wednesday with one of the producers on the delivery round. Her artistic flair is put to good use when she composes gift baskets of local produce.


Since she was a little girl, Mireille has always had a profound attachment to the world of nature. When she created the goat farm in Meljac with her husband Daniel many years ago, neighbours regarded her initative as quite enterprising. Every wide-eyed newborn kid is tenderly nourished and cared for. And her goat’s cheese creations have become an essential element of the Association’s weekly orders.

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